Lineage OS 17.1 Installation

Hey there!

First of all: Big thanks to everyone who is envolved in the development of Custom ROMs for the Fairphone! Your work is really incredible!!! :slight_smile:

Now my question:
As since today we have the first nightly build of LineageOS 17.1 for the FP2, I wanted to ask the community for some help with the installation.
I currently run LineageOS 16.0 and I’m wondering if I can just install the .zip-file from the TWRP-Recovery?
I think a lot of us are excited to update their phones now, so I started this topic.

Thank You!

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You might wan’t to hold on with the update just a bit.
There seem to be a few issues with the initial release…

Maybe also check the other thread on which method for upgrading works best.


I would like to reactivate the topic, also to offer space for testing reviews and exchanging experiences with the new OS.

As the maintainer of official LineageOS on the Fairphone 2 opened the topic …

Lineage 17.1 - FP2

… I think it would be better to concentrate on his topic, because in the end he’s the one who fixes things and who can use some feedback, and he primarily sees posts over there, I guess.

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To avoid duplicates please continue at Lineage 17.1 - FP2 as proposed by @AnotherElk.