Lineage OS 15.1: hotspot 5 GHz not available

I just wonder to know why on lineage OS 15.1 the hotspot function allows to select 5 GHz frequency, but it creates a WiFi with 2.4 GHz frequency?
Is it normal?
Thank you

Not sure, but either way you’re not allowed to use 5 GHz outdoors.

5 GHz hotspot mode doesn’t work in official FPOS, either. Did it work in LineageOS 14.1?

In the EU, channels 100 to 140 can be used outdoors, but DFS and TPC are mandatory. Maybe the FP2 WiFi hardware or driver doesn’t support that?

If I remember well, it worked.
I do not if the FP2 hardware supports it and I did not find any information on the Web.

I can confirm with FP OS 18.04.1 that the hotspot uses 2.4GHz even when set to 5GHz.

So I’ve checked with my FP2 phone (still running LOS14.1 / 20180808) and even though I set it to 5 GHz it would still be in 2,4 GHz. So I guess it has always been this way.

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5GHz works under LineageOS 14.1. :grin:

It works for me under 15.1 (microG build).

@theofruitrouge different build could explain the reason for which on Lineage OS 15.1 does not work.
I’m not using neither opengapps nor microG (google app 100% free phone) :slight_smile:

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