Lineage and pico GAPPS - which version

I have identified an app, which works with LOS+ microG but not with LOS on it’s own. As I am not happy with the other apps and microG. I have a lot of funny behavior, so I would like to try pico GAPPS.
Which version do I have to download? I’m going with ARM 7.1. Is this correct?

…Yes :+1:

Mind that microG and Open GApps are in the way of each other, so don’t simply install Open GApps on top of LineageOS + microG.

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I already uninstalled (wiped) LOS-microG before, but thanks for the hint. That’s how I tested my app:

  1. Backup LOS+microG
  2. Install LOS (from Backup)
  3. Test App --> doesn’t work
  4. wipe, restore microG --> app works.
  5. wipe, restore LOS.

I just installe pico, google Maps dumped, Etar Calender dumped, WhatApp doesn’t recognize my contacts anymore… :slight_smile: Things didn’t get better.
Do I have to enter a google account?

You want to use the real Google Apps and services now, so yes.
If you want to keep your contacts (and other stuff) stored locally on the phone, immediately disable syncing in Settings - Accounts - Google.

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