Lineage 17.1 for FP2 - Second preview version

I have been using LOS 17.0 Beta0 for almost a month now (without GAPPS) as my daily driver and my experience was very positiv. I had a few random reboots though (1-2 per week).

This seemed to be an issue with the /system partition in Android 10 and is being worked on. You can use my hacked UnifiedNlp (only for LOS 17.0!) if you want to try it out.

But now that UnifiedNlp is installed I realized, that the Battery Saving option of Location does not work as expected. The GPS always used for location, not only Cell Towers and Wifi.

I still cannot make Live display work. @Ingo Did you setup anything different on your phone?
My live display looks like this:

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I didn’t do anything with the LiveDisplay settings, other than changing them to see if they have any effect and back again.
If I don’t forget I can later upload a screenshot of the settings, I don’t have the phone with me that runs 17.0

Daily usage update. It’s been fairly stable for me (uptime 409 h). Did a fresh install as I couldn’t upgrade from 16 to 17 with encrypted data partition.

I think I have some LOS app specific issues: Gallery (doesn’t seem to interact well with other apps, eg. photo sharing), Phone (won’t let me pick up incoming calls), Calendar (won’t show my Google calendars). but I’m guessing that’s due to them not being ready yet :slight_smile:.

Thanks for all your efforts getting this working. I’ve been enjoying showing people shiny new Android on relatively old phone :slight_smile:.

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If I didn’t miss something, it seems that livedisplay is not included in FP2 device tree.
something like this is needed to get it work:


Strange, LiveDisplay no longer works. If I change to something other than “off” it is ignored as soon as the selection pop up closes (opening the pop up still shows the ignored selection; it’s back to “off” once I leave the LiveDisplay settings).

Seems like this logcat entry is related:
01-06 19:41:51.381 E/InputDispatcher(1458): Window handle Window{1496e92 u0 org.lineageos.lineageparts/org.lineageos.lineageparts.livedisplay.LiveDisplaySettings} has no registered input channel

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I did a new test of LOS 17 today, and here is my findings:

  • “Split screen with multi-resume” is working :white_check_mark: (see my other post)
  • Magisk is giving me root access :white_check_mark: (successfully tested with Titanium Backup)
  • this root access can be hidden to certain apps :white_check_mark: (successfully tested with Pokémon Go)
  • my banking app however is not working :red_circle:, it detects that the device is rooted :frowning: even if I selected it inside “Magisk Hide”…
    Seems that my bank is getting really inventive with root detection, last version is detecting root also in my “LOS 16 + iSu” configuration, while previous version was working with it.
  • after restoring a TWRP backup, reboot is stuck :red_circle:, as already mentioned by @urs_lesse
    I let it doing its animation for more that 15min but nothing…

However, if I do (1) TWRP restore + (2) Flashing LOS17 zip without wiping data, then the system is starting correctly :white_check_mark:, with all the apps/settings/… and without the “Finalizing configuration” message I had after the upgrade.

I searched the web for incompatibilities between TWRP and LOS17 but didn’t find any recent post, so I assume this bug is FP2-specific…
@z3ntu what could we do to debug this? Is there any logs usefuls?

What do you mean by “repatch the boot image”? My Magisk installation was two really easy steps: flashing Magisk-v20.2.zip in TWRP, then install the MagiskManager-v7.5.0.apk as a regular app…

I confirm that with the File-App, apk installation is possible, thank you for pointing that out :smiley:


Even Magisk is conserved thanks to its survival script :smiley:

At some point earlier I ended up in a boot loop by just flashing Magisk directly. Since then, I always patch the original boot image (using the option in the Magisk Manager) and flash that. Maybe it’s not necessary anymore…

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I am having some issues with apps accessing the internal storage. Some apps can see files (ie. photos) fine, but others show errors about accessing internal storage or just hang. I’ve checked permissions and in theory they have access to Storage. Anyone else have this?

I installed as above with opengapps. Also, any ideas on how to get encryption to work?


encryption has to be fixed on rom-side, so you can’t do nothing here.
About the first issue you addressed - a log is needed for the dev probably. But maybe those “apps” are just not compatible with this android version. If you tell me, which apps don’t work I can check on my device, to see if it works here (I don’t own a FP2).

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that is clearly statet in https://www.xda-developers.com/lineageos-dropping-superuser-addonsu-implementation-favor-magisk-manager/

But why is LineageOS dropping addonsu in the first place? That is because PrivacyGuard, a LineageOS feature that addonsu leveraged, is also being removed in LineageOS 17. PrivacyGuard offered users advanced permission management controls over what was possible on stock Android. The LineageOS team was unable to port the PrivacyGuard framework to the new Android 10 base, and instead, the team is utilizing Google’s own Permissions Hub feature in Android 10. This Permissions Hub feature is the same permission controls that we saw in our early leaked Android Q builds, but one that was absent in public releases. Google did not release the feature in Android 10, but the code for it still exists in AOSP. LineageOS has forked it and will offer it as the alternative to PrivacyGuard.


I wont test this first version. I need my phone for daily use and don’t want to make beta tests. But I want to say thank you for still making Lineageos available for the fp2. I will use 17.0 when it is released. This is just great to have a phone from 2016 that is still getting new updates.


New build for 17.1: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261714875



Is it possible that restarting after the update will take a long time?

My experience is that after an update the first boot takes significantly longer than usual boots.
Nothing to worry about (even if I often do regardless).

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Ah oke, because mine is already over half an hour at boots

Ok, that sounds too long. At least I’m pretty sure for me it was always quicker than that.
Never cared to take the time, so I don’t know if it’s been just a handful of minutes. But clearly not >=30min


Could it be because of the TWRP version?

Don’t know. That never happened to me so far.
I’m using TWRP 3.2.3

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I have version 3.3.1