Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly

sorry for late reply

it was the (back then) latest build with LOS for MicroG

Info for others: yesterday I updated LOS16.0 nightly-FP2-signed from 20191016 -> 20191029 via internal updater (which used TWRP) and although no wiping action was performed some data have been DELETED:

  • all CALENDAR accounts of DAVx5 vanished
  • most of my locally stored CONTACTS are vanished (funnily some are still there, seems only contacts I added since last update (~1 month) survived)

So be carefull with updating and don’t forget backing up your stuff before (as I did only this one time, as all the other updates I did went smoothly without data loss).

Data of K9-Mail, FirefoxKlar, Homescreen (Trebuchet) etc. survived update as always.

Cheer, Robert

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This did not happen for me… Here everything is still there, even though i did it the same way

Mine too, now with LOS 16 5/11/2019. Very annoying.

same here but I can hardly catch this by a bug report.
Any idea if there is a proper debug app?

Yes, I know, it is some time ago that I posted this, but maybe the following additional info is still useful for someone: instead of setting the color calibration manually you can also do this via a script using the following command:

settings put --lineage system display_color_adjustment "0.5 0.5 0.5" 

And to restore the default values:

settings put --lineage system display_color_adjustment "1.0 1.0 1.0"

This works a lot better for me than changing the brightness value to the lowest level as described here:

Edited to add:

The main difference between these two solutions is that the minimum brightness value will change back to the default value as soon as you move the brightness slider or turn the screen off and on, while the color calibration will stay the same until you change it again.


Newest builds have much better performing WiFi. It still seems unstable for some networks, but when it is stable, it is faster :slight_smile:

Maybe better wifi because of this: https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_device_fairphone_FP2/+/262947


If you can get the new version of DB Navigator to work e.g. on a different phone, or if it is already working e.g. on a different phone …

  • On the phone where it works, additionally install SAI Split APKs Installer (F-Droid / Play Store).
  • Use SAI to export the split APK of the new version of DB Navigator.
  • Transfer the exported split APK file to the phone where DB Navigator doesn’t work.
  • Install SAI there, too, and use SAI to install the split APK.

Confirmed working with DB Navigator 19.10.p03.02 on lineage-16.0-20191119-microG-FP2.zip. (Solution originally found here.)


Hello people… I’ve just installed lineage 16 and magisk, but I have a question… Can I update lineage with magisk or I need to do something in particular?

Thanks for mentioning. In the meantime I decided to not use both apps anymore. I switched to Öffi for transport information and buy tickets from the respective websites. Inconvenient but not impossible.

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You usually do not need to do anything. Magisk comes with an addon.d skript, that will reinstall itself after you have updated LineageOS.

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I noticed that my Wi-Fi keep disconneting very often, maybe when the screen goes off for a while but it seems that happens also in other circumstances. Am I the only one with this issue? Are there any solutions around?

No, you are not the only one - I have the same trouble in disconnecting Wi-Fi while screen goes off (sometimes also while screen is on). But I can t find a rule for this… its not always - and I do not use 5GHz…
edit: Did not happen with LOS15 under same conditions…

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The disconnecting Wifi issue exists for FP2 GMS device too: At my home place normally hardly ever, at my parents place extremely frequently also while screen is on, at other places sometimes regularly when screen is off. I have no clue for this behaviour.

Similar here… on my home Wifi (relatively new Netgear router), the 2.4Ghz network runs fine and stable. At another place where they use an LTE router from Huawei, it disconnects all the time, no matter if screen is on or off. Did not happen with LOS15 … no idea why.
But at least, the WiFi performance has gotten better (when the connection is stable) :slight_smile:


over adb?

Steven :slight_smile:

You can do this over adb if you like (you will need root access for adb).

But I did it the following way (you will need root access for the Termux API in this case):

I created a few scripts with different color adjustment values and use Termux and the Termux widget to run these scripts. The scripts are placed in
and look like this:

# adjust colors as in Settings > Display > LiveDisplay > Color calibration
su -c 'settings put --lineage system display_color_adjustment "0.5 0.5 0.5"'

You can then add the Termux widget to the screen so that the color calibration can easily be changed by just tapping on the appropriate script.

More info about Termux can be found in the Termux Wiki and especially on the page about the Termux Widget.


Tested for a while, didn’t change. However.

Another issue: Has anyone been able to run Netguard with LineageOS 16 on a FP2? Normally I’m using AfWall+, but I’m testing because the FP2 of my wife is due to an update. When NetGuard is active, the access to the internet is fully blocked. Has anyone been able to run NetGuard on FP2 with LOS 16?

Nope, unfortunately. As the Netguard FAQ states:

Some Android versions, including LineageOS for some devices, contain a bug resulting in all internet traffic being blocked. Mostly, you can workaround this bug by enabling filtering in NetGuard’s Advanced options. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the problem can unfortunately not be fixed or worked around by NetGuard.

Too bad. I liked NetGuard a lot (even paid for it). There’s alternatives (on F-Droid), but not the same.