Lineage 14.1 OTA update stopped at TWRP recovery

I have just done a OTA update to Lineage 14.1 microG 20180328. It worked, but it stopped at the TWRP recovery screen (version 3.2.1), and I had to tell it, to install the update and where to find the update file (at internal shared storage/data/lineageOS-updates/. I have had this as well with the clean LOS 14.1 without microG. No problem for me, but for an unexperienced user it might be a problem. At a Samsung phone I don’t have to interfere to do such a LOS update.

Shouldn’t there be a way to let the OTA update run automatically without any manual interference at the FP2 as well? There should be something wrong with the settings of my FP2?

My FP2 is encrypted and it has a SD card configured as external storage.
@chrmhoffmann, @Roboe, @snevas, @z3ntu: Do you know something about such OTA update settings?

I can’t say where the problem is. But on my FP2 the OTA updates of LineageOS (not the microG fork, though) work as expected, i.e. no manual steps involved.

Same as for @Ingo for me with microG fork: no manual steps required.
Verified yesterday by updating to LOS 14.1 microG 20180328 using TWRP 3.2.1.

I think, there must be a setting somewhere, which says, where to copy an update file and where to find it for installing it via TWRP. And this setting even survived the factory reset.

This got me thinking: do you have a SD card in your FP2 which is configured to be combined with the internal storage?
My SD card is separated.

Probably that is the relevant difference? Maybe @BeMiGro can tell us his SD card setup (if any).

Once more the same for me: SD card is configured as external storage.

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My one is configured as external storage as well! That is all the same.

I cannot remember such a setting or changing anything in this regard.

So next try: my phone is not encrypted (yet). How about yours, @Heiner / @Ingo?

My one is encrypted. Would be strange, if that causes the difference in OTA updating!

My phone is not encrypted.

OK, so that seems to be the relevant difference.
Maybe the issue is caused by the sequence of decrypting partitions / requesting password )or something like this) after rebooting and before starting automatic installation?
In this case the behaviour should be the same on other devices running LOS & TWRP recovery…

Just for completeness, I’m on on the March 28th version, my phone is encrypted and I did not have any issues installing the update. But I don’t have the MicroG things. And I don’t have the zip file on an external SD card. I just start the update from within the updater screen and the phone reboots itself into TWRP and installs the update after entering the access code.

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Your setting isn’t different from mine! I find the update zip files on the internal storage, the phone is encrypted and I did have this trouble with both, plain LOS and LOS microG. Thus it seems not to be caused by encryption.

But what else could it be? To root the (meanwhile sold and on its way to Sweden) FP2, I flashed ‘’ via TWRP. Your phones are rooted in the same way? - The new owner may come back to me with this trouble!?

My phone is not rooted.

My phone is rooted. I guess with the same su but I don’t know.

Mine is also rooted.

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