Limit automatic wifi connection to known networks?

Does anyone know if it possible to change the wifi settings so that my Fairphone only connects to known wifi networks? As it is know, if I for example try to surf while on a bus going through the city, my fairphone keeps connecting to all the different open wifi:s I pass, even if the connection is so bad I can’t use that wifi to surf anyway. Which means it blocks my cellular network by trying to use a crap wifi connection.

The only solution I’ve found is to turn of the wifi on my fairphone, but then I have to remember to connect it every time I get back home or to other places where I want to use a known network.

I hope it’s possible to do this! On my old iPhone this was a standard setting…


I believe (I may be wrong though) that in order for the phone to automatically connect to any WiFi network, even the unprotected ones, it must have been connected to such networks manually a first time (and from then on it remembers the network and automatically connects when in range).

If I’m correct, it means that you have at least once connected the phone to these networks you pass by, and to avoid the phone to automatically join them once in range, I’m afraid your only option is to “forget” the ones you don’t want.

But I’m not 100% sure.

I suppose you get a notification to sign in to available WiFis, right? You can turn this notification off when you go to [Settings][Wi-Fi], tap the menu button, choose [Advanced] and un-check [Network notification].

\edit: I did not realise that the notification already interrupted cellular data usage. Err, maybe you are talking baout something else, then…?

Also, if you are feeling that this isn’t enough, there is the “Smarter WiFi Manager” app out there which automatically can toggle your WiFi on and off, based on learned cell tower IDs (which are send to your device by every cell tower, anyways). It was one feature the Blackphone came with. I did not try it, yet, but the idea sounds pretty battery-saving and generally quite smart.