Lights gone out - Blackscreen

Hi there - I just droped my FP3. Now all is dark. I took the the battery out and put it back in. Now I can ‘feel’ my phone switching on, but everything remains dark.

Does anybody have any idea about a possible easy way out of this - or do need to see the doctor?


If you can feel it vibrate, but can’t see it switch on, then this looks like the display module is dead, or that there is a bad connection. Open the phone, check everything is okay, clean the contacts of the display module with cleaning alcohol and see if it works again.
Do you have a #fairphoneangel in your vicinity that could help you test spare parts?


Hi Alex - thanks so much for your speedy reply!
How do I get to the contacts of the display? Do I need a screwdriver for that? That would scare me off to be honest. :smiley:

I think the nearest angel is still about an hour drive away …

Check the official guide to change the screen. Then you should find the contacts somewhere (they’re the yellow things on the screen and the core module, with little pins on the display core module).

Yes, the one included in the box when you got your phone (a PH#00 for the reference).

It’s up to you to see, you can contact him/her nevertheless and see whether it’s possible or not (though I understand one hour is a bit long). But you never know, he/she could occasionnaly pass in your town or something similar.


Wow - thanks for the detailed help! I took it apart, but it all looks ok. I’ve blown a bit on the contacts for I have no cleaning alcohol here. I guess my facial cleaner isn’t such a good idea … :smiley:
so it all looks good - but nothing has changed. Everything is still dark - an vibriting when switched on.
Sounds like the doctor, doesn’t it?

How high did you drop it from?
Is the LED working when you plug it in?
You could contact fairphone support to be sure, and see if they accept it as a warranty case (but I doubt it).
This really looks like a broken display module.

I dopred it from about waist hight I would say. The charging LED does work though - and it looks completely unscathed.
Well, if I droped it really isn’t a warranty case, is it?

If no magic happens until tomorrow afternoon I’ll go and see the doctor.

But thanks so much for your help. It really was very helpful!!!

Good. That’s rather a good sign.


You’re welcome, good luck with solving your issue! (you may still want to wait and see if someone has other ideas)

Thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: