Lifestyle Services Group Phone Insurance, UK (LSG) - WARNING

Lifestyle Services Group Phone Insurance, UK (LSG). - WARNING

Just a warning to any UK Fairphone users who are insured by LSG (they operate phone insurance for TSB and perhaps other banks too). I recently had to make a claim through this insurer for a broken Fairphone Screen and faulty camera. Despite my protestations that the phone was designed to be taken apart and fixed, they claimed it was uneconomical to do so and have said they cannot return the phone to me and it will be destroyed! I’m beyond livid, despite the fairly generous cash settlement that has been offered. When pressed, they claimed that it wasn’t a phone with which they were very familiar and I take from this that they don’t hold components and were unwilling to buy them. I asked for a diagnostic (wouldn’t give me one), then asked for the phone to be returned which in the first instance they agreed to then later said they couldn’t. I will be pursuing this with LSG but in the meantime, perhaps check your insurance and Fairphone, perhaps you might make an enquiry to them as to why they feel unable to deal with Fairphone phones. I’m gutted to think that the phone is all, or in part, crushed and in land fill.

Did you get a positive outcome to this? I’m in the same situation.

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