Librem 5 from Purism: best open hardware (not yet) available?

Hi all,

Recently I found a new crowdfounding campaign by a small American company specialising in blob-free laptops (at least is what they claim) that launched the idea of a completely open smartphone with a full stack FLOSS approach, using a modified version of Debian as OS and Matrix as primary communication system. I find this idea extremely interesting, they intend to use the mx6 (or hopefully the mx8) chipset with a completely isolated modem and blob free firmware for gpu and cpu, with hardware kill switch for the various modules (camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, modem) . Something impossible with qualcomm’s chipsets. Obviously this will represent a compromise in term of pure calculation power, but I really love the idea. The bad points are that the phone is expected by January 2019 (yes, 19) and the price to anticipate to have one is 600 American dollars, currently 510€.
The project is really interesting, I have only some doubts about the repairability of this phone.

More informations on the matrix blog( or on their site (

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