Let's have a fair future friday! Just do it...:)

Hey there,

I want to share this with you.

This friday is known to be a black friday where people give a lot of rebates. For us from Vireo it will be a fair Friday. We offer the FP3 for 389€ and the FP3+ for 449€.

We are proud for selling the fairphone devices for several years now, beginning with the first model Fairphone 1, we have sold thousands of models every year and are proud of doing so.

So let’s celebrate this friday as a fair friday for our future. Let’s share this dream of having a little more sustainability in our life in every corner. Let’s think positive. Because there is a spark of happily hope in all of our eyes to make this planet a living planet. Living in peace with the environment, the fauna and flora.

I know, it is an offer and this might not be the right category. But it could be worth it. We ship EU-wide. We do our best in crazy times. Let’s pass it on. Let’s have fairytale friday that we are writing today. Every click counts:)

We lower our price beginning of 27 of november:)
Fairphone 3+ Plus mit 48MP Rück- und 12MP Frontkamera | grüne Elektronik bei Vireo kaufen (Fairphone 3+)
Fairphone 3 - das faire Smartphone für Mensch und Umwelt | grüne Elektronik bei Vireo kaufen (Fairphone 3)

I know our site is currently still in german. You can contact us via email, we can communicate:)
service _at _vireo_de

I have my doubts as to the virtue of participating in this ghastly American phenomenon - Black Friday is known for nothing if not for the mass hysteria it causes and the countless injuries and even deaths that predictably follow each year. In spite of the current global crisis and the especially dire situation in the US, physical stores will be open in that country this Friday, and the death toll will very likely be higher than it’s ever been.

While I appreciate that this is an online offer, and that attempting to reclaim the day as ‘fair future Friday’ may be well intentioned, you’re still participating in what has quite literally been a deadly tradition invented to raise the profit margins of some of the worst corporations on Earth.


Oh topic is moving, great! You are right. The thing is, you always have the chance to interprete it as something new. There is always the decision you can do. I want to do things. And just recently a friday has been becoming a very important day in movement culture (FFF). So the thing is who is laughing last. It can start here, right now to have a shift. And in some year, in a decade, nobody remembers it as it actually intended to me. Capitalism as we know it starts to loose sight, you know. So it is already starting. Just needs energy to transform it.

If you open up a health food stand at a gladiator arena you’re profiting off the suffering of others, no matter how well-intended and gluten free your goods are.

This Friday, people will pile into stores, they’ll get hurt, and some will die. Many more will contract COVID and some of those people will die, too.

Is that a good tradition to build on, even if we improve on it? If we find some way of organising a Black Friday but without the degradation, injuries and deaths, is it really something we want to salvage, or is it rather a horrific spectacle of capitalism that we will stamp out the moment we have the power to do so?

I would be better to come up with an actual alternative, something set apart in time and intention from this monstrous event - because right now, all you’re doing is riding its coattails.

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An online klick is really something else then rushing into a store on a Covid-Friday:)
I don’t really get your comparison. You always choose. You can also choose to say No, of course. But what is the intention of doing something. It might be different. It can really start there. Why not, in Lion’s den. You interprete it another way. Allright. But be careful not to miss the alternative, the new start. At least in your mind. Of course there could be another date. But it still is missing a lack of universal energy to move something. We do not reunite that much as we could. And if you talk the topic in another direction, of course, you can say. Right, that won’t make it and that either. But where is the intention to really follow up, man. Let’s not loose so much precious time and say we could, we would etc.

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Black Friday is ugly indeed. I only celebrate equinoxes which are technically real and not ideological. And of course not through petty consumerism.

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