Less slippery cover for FP2?

I don’t really know what it is, but something makes the cover of the Fairphone 2 really slippery. I can put my old Sony XPeria T on a table with an angle of about 30° and it stays in place, but the Fairphone falls off even on the bathtub edge, which I had previously thought was completely horizontal. It’s also pretty risky to reach for the far corners of the screen while using it with one hand. It has fallen down multiple times because of this slippery cover, for example when bumping into a table, which made it slide forever, as if on an airhockey table.

You could patent this technology, some industries would be very interested in a frictionless material, for example for ball bearings, rocket heat shields, train wheels, …

But jokes aside, can someone recommend me an alternative cover that isn’t as slippery? Or alternatively something I can do to the existing cover to make it less slippery?

How about a protective case? …

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There are 149 replies there and they seem to discuss the size of the phone, knitted bags and other topics. Can you point me to the comment you mean, please?
Also, I would prefer to not make the phone even bigger than it already is.

Maybe there is some kind of rubberised tape you can stick to the back so it doesn’t slip anymore, although I never had this problem (I think an iPhone is more slippery actually)…

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