Left hand design

Ever considered designing a phone for left handed users? With the design features of replaceable components, I wonder how hard it would be to design a phone with volume and finger print recognition on the left hand side.

Always have to use my phone cack handed (English term for using the “wrong” hand).

Rich (lefty both in hand and attitude)


depends on how long your cack fingers are you can wrap them around the phone’s back and unlock and press the volume buttons with your cack index or cack middle finger. I mostly use the phone with my right hand, but when I sometimes don’t, it works just fine for me.

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When it comes to the user interface on the screen, developer options allow to use RTL layout (right-to-left). What is organized left-aligned in the default settings will be organized right-aligned then.


I use my phones mostly with my left hand and was kinda scared that the fingerprint sensor would be in an awkward position for me to use. Turns out it’s just perfect for my index finger and I kinda feel sorry for everyone who is using their right thumb to unlock it. (I’d guess that’s mutual though)


I changed my login fingerprint to my left middle finger and it works really well! Thanks for the tip!

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