Left earbud doesn't fit

when I use the FP earbuds, the left earbud is quite easily falling out of the ear. I’ve tried various angles and whatever come’s to my mind, but most of the times it quite easily falls out after a short while. Somethimes I’m able to find a spot where it holds a little longer, but not that great either. I’ve tried this about 10 times and the result is always the same.
On the other hand, the right earbud does fit very well. Today I was half an hour cycling and it was never even close of falling out.
I’ve tried other sizes of eartips and even swapping them from left to right
I’ve used many different in-ear headphones (wired) bevore but I’ve never noticed a left/right divergence. with my ears.
My friend noticed the same issue. The left is falling out rather easily for the same pair of earbuds that I’ve used. I’ve given it to her to try it for a while.

Is it possible that the left earbud somehow different in size?
I know that left and right ear may not be 100% identical, but I find it strange that the same problem occurs for my friend too and also I never had these left/right difference with other, wired in-ear headphones.
I would rather send that left earbud back to Fairphone support and try another one, but I have those earbuds already for a few month in use.
Thanks for your comments.

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Well I’m sure you can measure them :hear_no_evil:

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I am having the same problem

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I’ve bought some other earbuds (other company) and the fit well. Not perfect (e.g. smiling/laughing does loosen them), but about right - as long as I don’t start to smile :neutral_face:
Maybe I’ll try to measure them, but I guess it won’t be that easy to measure subtle differences with round shaped objects.

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