LED-flash flickers when using Flashlight

I have a FF3+ with the default installed Android.
The system is up-to-date (no patches are available).

When I turn on the flashlight from the notification tray, then the light is flickering.
It started some weeks ago, before that I worked normally.

Any ideas?


Have you tried a safe mode start to disable and rule out custom apps yet?

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How to perform a safe start?

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I booted in Safe Mode, but the light is still flashing.

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Is it a regular flash, which I doubt would be down to a connection issue, so if no app is interferring maybe it’s down to the main camera module?

Can you find a #fairphoneangel or someone to send you, even, an old camera module for testing?

So it is NOT an software issue…

I will ask @Volker at the next München Fairphoners Meetup where we both attend in person (next Meetup I will be on holidays, but the meeting afterwards).


Long story short:

  1. Install latest software update and restart.
  2. Dismount camera module and clean its contacts with 96% vol alcohol.

Full story:
This happened to my FP3 (non +) while I was having trouble to charge it months ago.
The problem seemed to go away after dismantling and cleaning all contacts with alcohol, which is how I solved the charging issue.
There was a software update around the same time so I cannot be 100% sure.
I observed the issue a few days ago but it is not happening right now.
I am using the latest update since today.


Today I received the monthly security update for my FF3+
After the update the Flashlight works normally!
In the past I have re-booted my FF3+ several times, but only the software update solved the problem.

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Better than having to do a factory reset but it appears that may have worked :slight_smile:

By the way, there is no ‘monthly’ security update for the FP3 ???

I was talking about the updates, that are released regularly.

Unfortunately the flash light is still flickering, so I need to try the solution with alcohol :tropical_drink:


Have you solved the problem by using cleaning alcohol? I have the same problem for 5 months by now. Have not tried to solve it because I was mostly travelling. Hoped it disappeared because the last 2 weeks it did not flicker. After a new start of the Phone it started to flicker again. If it worked for you, I will give it a go.

No, have not tried yet…

This issue with the flash light seems similar to what I am noticing now on my FP3 with the newest camera module. The flickering seems brigthness related. it alternates kind of in the same tempo as a car’s blinkers relay clicking when on. Can somebody confirm that this could be a bad connection in the hardware issue or is it a software issue?

Build: 8901.4.A.0021.0 release-keys

I doubt it’s software by default.

As above

  • Rule out custom software by using safe mode
  • Ensure you don’t have an SD card formatted as Internal
  • Clear caches and storage etc.

If you simplify the apps etc. then it is less likely to be an app. I have never had such a problem on either of two FP3s over two years.

if you are out of phone warranty

  • Cleaning the module contacts may help.
  • If you did a DIY on the camera update the camera has a two year warranty so you can remove it and test