LED-flash flickers or fades with flashlight/torch apps


I’m trying to use my LED-flash as a torch/flashlight.

Therefore I tried

  1. Minimal Open Source Flashlight
  2. Taschenlampe Tiny Flashlight (don’t use this if you don’t have a firewall/xprivacy or the like, since it want’s to establish an internet connection to collect “non-personal information […] [that includes] Session and Usage Data, Log Data and Aggregated Information”. I only used it because it had the only functioning lockscreen widget (i.e. locked with a code, not pattern) I could find.)

Even though for a while the flashlight worked just fine, since a few weeks with none of the apps the flashlight works properly. It fades away, flickers or won’t do anything at all.

I then tried
3. Pure Flashlight Widget
4. Lockscreen Flashlight & Lamp
but without success.

Is the LED broken? Software problem? Am I using the wrong apps?

Hmmm… the fact that your flashlight worked earlier suggests a hardware issue - unless some later software changes (updates? New apps that interfere?) can explain this.

I use (not very often) Flashlight from SlimGears which seems to be well-behaved - does not launch on its own, does not try to address the web (to my knowledge). And there’s a plethora of flashlight apps out there, so it might be worth trying out a few more.

I use Torch from F-Droid.

I use a drawer button from GravityBox. Nothing of that flickering, so far. Since it started at some point, I would guess it’s probably really a hardware problem. Since it’s part of the motherboard, you probably need a replacement… :frowning:

Thanks for your replies.

The problem still occurs, but now less frequent. I get the feeling that for some reason my LED-light works best with Flashlight from SlimGears – and it fulfills the criteria of having a widget that I can use in my lockscreen. Sad that it’s not OpenSource
Flashlight from SlimGears tries to establish an internet connection. All it asked for so far is my Android ID, sensors and running services though. Anyway: I would prevent the app from accessing the internet (e.g. with an Firewall-App or xprivacy).

I didn’t get the flashlight from GravityBox working on my code-locked lockscreen.

OI Flashlight is open source, and it does not connect to internet. But it doesn’t offer you many settings to choose from, just LED or Backscreen light, and even that setting must be done via the menu. Can’t be put on lockscreen.

@A_J still having problems?

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