Leaving a movement

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Now, eventually, the bottom module under warranty arrived. Jelle from FP-support told me there had been an error in their system, so the first order of a bottom module did not go through the whole system. Jelle also told me, support has lately been overwhelmed by request.

I hope, then, support structure has been changed and lessons have been learned. I hope, too, that next time it won’t be necessary to open a second ticket to get the support to work in the first ticket. Last, I hope there’s been a big of a step in quality and quality control on the FP-end of the production chain.



Although I wholeheartedly share this wish, one has to keep in mind, that a small company like Fairphone will have limited ressources only.
And even global players face major quality problems, like
Toyota and Nissan: 6.5 million cars for the airbags
Nissan: 1.2 million cars for improper quality checks
Samsung: 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s for battery fires
HTC: Sensation for unresponsive power - and volume buttons
Apple: iPhone 6s for unexpected shutdown and 12 years production of AC Wall Plug Adapter for risk of breaking and electrical shock
And here’s a List of Phone Recalls (mostly exotic ones)

And that’s the recall cases, not the less serious problems, the www is full of for almost every product ever made (I would guess ;)).


I do perfectly understand that. I do understand, that FP doesn’t has the economic weight to influence anything in the way, FP likes. I do understand, others do have quality issues, too. The latter one is, as I said in a reply on another comment, no valid argument. There’s no way, one can argue: “The others do make mistakes, so let’s make some ourselves, because we have the obvious right to do them.” The first, I do appreciate. It’s a point of view, I understand and I would fully follow that head, if the phone happend to be a luxury good, I wouldn’t need to work well. And that’s what I am saying: Be honest in marketing your products. Just say, there are issues, you couldn’t come by though producing the thing for two years. There’s a risk, you are willing to take for having a quite concience regarding Materials etc. We do have at the time issues with our support, too. We’re working to solve the issues.

But that honesty is just missing. And the whole “movement” thing just looks like propaganda to me.


Sorry to disagree.
Never did I imply. that kind of statement:

I was just saying, that a small company making mistakes should not be compared to large companies, that make mistakes as well; because regularly someone is switching his/her fairphone for another brand, as all the others are so much more reliable.

Furthermore: Fairphone is not producing phones consecutive for two years not adressing quality issues. They have produced and sold a first batch. Quality issues like with the back cover or the display are being adressed when producing new parts. They can not change what’s already produced (no one can).
Now they have produced and are selling the second batch (I hope I haven’t missed something here and stand possibly corrected). If and to what amount they have been able to fix problems remains to be seen.


This is my last entry, because I have no Fairphone any more. How?
The idea of a fair phone: great!
The resulting hardware: very good.
The operating system: usable, but nothing more! I saw better …
The update/development-team: they made my phone nearly unusable.
The support - bad!
Read the whole story here:http://hartmut.homelinux.org/Meinung/Fairphone-Support.html
It’s in german.


PS: dear company-team, if you ever happen to have a support-team as good as the hardware, then let me know …


Hey @Spielmops, sorry to hear you feel this way and that you no longer have a Fairphone.
I want to thank you for your high engagement in this community and for the many contributions you made to the forum, helping a lot of people with their questions.

Please know that I hope that Fairphone will be able to convince you again in the future and that you will return one day.

Until then I wish you all the best and am happy you’ve been hanging out with us all this time.


Dear @Spielmops,

I read your summary on your website. I understand your frustration, but as a user, I cannot confirm any of your problems and I am quite happy with the FP2 on Android 6. I think the software team is doing great work. I also needed the support two times since I have the phone and they we always fast and helpful. So experiences differ.

In defense of the support team, I have to say that none of your mails before the lawyers latter contains a clear request for a refund, I always read this or that. I writing this, because I sincerely believe the letter of your lawyer worked so well not because it was from a lawyer, but because it offered clear communication.

Of course, it really seems the support team was lazy because the answers really often are not related to your questions.

Good luck with your new phone.


There is a clear request: 24. Feb.


I have came to a similar conclusion as a owner of a FP 1, sadly I feel very disappointed and let down with the company. I did not keep its promises.


Sorry to say that I am abandoning my Fairphone2. I’ve had a Fairphone since 1 came out, but in addition to being noble, a mobile has to be good. This one developed a habit of arbitrarily rebooding itself, but the killer was the battery life. The final jolt was when the battery died when I was finding my way around a strange city just as it grew dark. So I could not use the phone, but had to rely on the old-fashioned kindness of strangers method to find where I was going. Which got me there, but the inability to do it without finding hekpful people on the street at that hour was unnerving, to say the least. The phone is simply too glitchy, and I am afraid I am (sorrowfully) out of here and back to commercial phones.


I moved your post here as it is related to this topic. It’s always sad to see someone leave the community. I hope that at least you keep us fellow community members in good memory. :slight_smile: