Leather- and woolfree flipcover/case

Hi, I was wondering whether a wool- and leatherfree flipcover/case exists which fits the Fairphone. If so, I would be very happy to know where I can find it :sunny:


Hi @Joni,

you should take a look at this Third-party Fairphone cases (eg flip, folio, etc) and this Poll: What case do you use for your Fairphone + Experiences topic. Lots of cases are being discussed there.
There’s one manufacturer mentioned, who offers sleeves made out of microfibre(?): weebag

So far, no one found an official flip case, but people tweaked some other flipcases to fit their phones. Again just take a look at the already existing topics :wink:

Edit: Almost forgot the obvious, the official FP case is not made of wool/leather, it’s plastic! Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for though, but you can find it in the shop.

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@Joni: Just guessing, but I guess that your demand for a leather/wool-free, i.e. animal-free case stems from concerns about animals’ wellbeing, or ecological concerns more generally.
Sadly, objections could be raised against most alternatives: FP’s own plastic case, microfiber cases (non-renewable raw material, non-biodegradable): Hemp might be an option, and I think that hemp cases/pouches could be found out there, but again one would like to know under what circumstances the hemp has grown. Wool or leather from a small-scale ecological farm might even be a better alternative.

Hi, thanks for your input. In the meantime I managed to find a flipcover Fairphone case in fake-leather on eBay. I ordered a 3D printed case on the website as well, so I can switch or change if I would like.

Maybe others interested in a flip case might be interested: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flip-Cover-Skin-Case-Protector-for-FAIRPHONE-FAIRPHONE-12-6-tj-/111399641321. It isn’t the most beautiful design imo, but it fits perfectly on my Fairphone, so I’m very happy with the purchase.


For those who also wish to use a case that is both free of animal-based products and 100% biodegradable I can recommend the felt cases by Waterkant:
I’ve got one of these and I really like it!

Update: I found out, that the kind of felt that is used for these cases is based on wool, not textile stuff as I thought…

I ordered a 3D printed case on the website

Dear everybody,

I did order a a 3D case with my fp as well. Now I have it for 2 weeks but i did not use the case a day. What happens if i put it is that fp puts it self down (herunterfahren) and starts again, over and over. I seems that there is constant pressure on the power switch. Did it happen to somebody else as well? Is it just a case of bad manufacturing or is it a constant trouble of 3D cases? Where could complain on the issue?

Hi! Can you put creditcards etc in this case you bought on Ebay? Are you sure it’s fake leather? The add just says skin case…

You shouldn’t place credit cards nest to your phone. I heard that it destroys the magnetic stripe on the card.