Launching your Phone Timeline in the MyFairphone App!


Dear Fairphoners,

We’re super excited to start rolling-out a brand-new feature in the Fairphone app. Starting with Fairphone 5 users only and then the Fairphone 3 and 4 later this year.

It’s important to us that we motivate and help you keep your phone for longer. Making things better for people, the planet and especially you!

Introducing your Fairphone timeline

See the past, present and future of your Fairphone journey. Also, get notified every time you achieve a personal goal. Head on over to the Fairphone app on your phone to see what we’re talking about.

Giving feedback

We’re only just getting started and plan to keep adding to this feature in the future. Until then, we’re curious to hear the community’s first thoughts and experiences.

Here’s to many more years with your Fairphone!
The Fairphone Team


Hi - where do I find the Fairphone app?? Nothing showing in my list of apps and nothing on Play Store…

All Fairphones 3, 4 and 5 ship with the app preinstalled. If you have a Fairphone running our regular Android based operating system it should be available to you unless you have deactivated it.

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Found it! I was looking for ‘Fairphone’ instead of ‘MyFairphone’…

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When I click check my progress it throws error saying I have to have Firefox or Chrome and then three dots so I don’t even know the rest of the message.
I have Fennec (which is Firefox) and DuckDuckGo Browser, why do I need specifically the two above?

didn’t recognize this app in the last nearly four years of FP3 usage. Because not missing it, could you give a description of benefits or the like?
And just now started it and saw that I need to create an account - why?

Thanks for the feedback, will have to check with our developers if the installed browser has any impact on the functionality.

The App is still buggy recently on FP4 and FP5 somehow (pretty sure I havent done it on either phone) there was a check mark set causing pages opening in the App instead of the Browser, on some Browser…

Is your app up to date? For some info you need to be logged in but not for all.

I started that APP imho the first time. How do I get updates?

As all Apps via the play store.

Addition: Pre-installed apps like MyFairphone can be updated without a Google account using the Play Store app. Just start the Play Store app, tap the three dots in the top right and tap “Updates”.


will check soon.
I generally do not have APP auto update on AND further have replaced PLAYSTORE as good as possible with other software stores, providing me with more privacy.

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As Urs pointed out the Play Store need to be activated however no Google Account is needed. Else you will not miss anything when you dont use the MyFairphone App…