Launcher takes up to 7 seconds to load

Hello fellow forumlings

The specs:

Since a couple of days, the launcher takes a long time to load. Between 4 and 7 seconds.

Lets say I am done with this post and press the “Home” button to get back to the launcher, so O can check E-Mails.

Press the home button

Home screen.

Things that have changed:
I have installed a new bottom module because the last one was broken and didnt allow charging anymore, but the launcher-problem started 2 days before that.
1 week prior, I moved from Thailand to Cambodia and exchanged the Thai SIM card with a Cambodian one.
I moved many GB of pictures from internal and external memory to USB via OTG cable to free up space.
I have a new picture as a wallpaper (removing that doesnt change anything)
No new apps installed

So, why does returning to the Launcher/suddenly take so much time?

Try clearing the launcher’s cache and if that doesn’t help also data in Settings > Apps.
Removing data will probably reset the wallpaper, remove all widgets and remove all other customizations you made to the launcher.

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Hello Paula

Thank you for your post. I use the standard launcher. I cannot find it in the apps list.

Could you send me a screenshot from your phone’s apps list?

I just saw on your screenshot that you’re still on Android 6. Upgrading will likely fix your issue.

I don’t know what the standard launcher is called in Android 6 Open OS.

In that case I’ll have to deal with it until I’m back home. Then I will backup my phone on my PC and do the upgrade. But still its interesting as It suddenly started.

Maybe a rare form of christmas indolence…:slightly_smiling_face:
Keep your phone away from others, this could be infectious.
Were are you residing, so I know where to not go…:grin:

Well, a short Christmas trip to Vietnam will be challenging anyway… :sweat_smile:

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Interesting tidbit:
When I tap the back button on apps, it goes to the Launcher faster.

When I tap the home button it takes 7 seconds.

Just installed another launcher and it works quickly and is responsive.


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