Launcher questions!

Hi all, I’m looking to find a launcher similar to the Google one that comes with the phone. As I have disabled Google on my phone I now have a none usable search box on the bottom of my screen.

Or could keep standard launcher but link this box to my preferred search engine ( duck duck go)

Many thanks.

A lot of people like Lawnchair for being open source, but I ended up using Nova to be able to set which screen pressing home twice goes to.

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I’m using Lawnchair 2, it looks just like the original launcher and I didn’t miss anything so far. My goal was to remove the Google search bar, but I wanted something that looks and behaves like the original launcher otherwise.
It’s quite sad that one has to install an app, just to remove an otherwise obligatory search bar.


If you don’t want to install from the Play Store, here’s Lawnchair on F-Droid (still version 1 currently, but does the job as well) …


for similarity to Pixel Launcher, I’d say that Action Launcher is a good shout. It looks very similar (if not identical) to pixel launcher and has a search box where you can change the search provider (If memory serves)

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This thread contains a discussion on launchers, and includes many recommendations (some FOSS, some proprietary, some mixed), including some basic reviews.

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