Larger capacity FP2 battery

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is the 2420 mAh Battery which lasts me about 1, maybe 2 days (depending on usage)

Woah. My barely lasts 6 hours if I’m lucky. I’ve never had it go a day without needing a charge! (and that’s two phones after my first was replaced because it kept crashing!) :open_mouth:


@delanthear, I’m also inclined to think it’s caused by one of your apps, as my phone with a 2,5 year old 2420 mAh battery usually lasts just until the end of the day with wifi on & the default Android 6 OS. I typically use WhatsApp & e-mail occasionally during the day. If I use GPS navigation or SnapChat (for some reason, taking & sending a picture there takes a lot of battery power) it will drain faster.


I absolutely agree!!!


Hi Folks,

I’ve been owning a FP2 for nearly a year now. One of the first things I remarked was the lack of battery power. So a friend and me decides to find a way to put more juice into it.
The design is intended to:

  • meet safety regulations by taking the hardware of an existing battery case for another phone
  • Add heat sink capacity by including a 1€ coin above the CPU
  • maintain one unique external USB port for charging (both battery and phone) and data access
  • cost less than 50€ in total

We found a way with a KiwiBird battery case originally designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 (similar dimensions as FP2).
I just posted hte design on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3414721

Some photos here:

Feel free to share your ideas and comments! If there is interest, I might open a new thread to post more details about how we designed this…

Design files for Fairphone 2 Cover Released
Battery bigger than 2400mAh
2 batteries in parallel in a new case?

Nicely done, is it possible you could show how it looks on the inside?


Good job @ThinkTwice, you should definitely create a new topic about your project and post the link here!