Language issues with

Redirected to /nl
I’m located in Norway, and when I go to I get redirected to Change is in your hands | Fairphone - which does not make any sense. I suppose English should be the default? My browser language is set to Norwegian (so if there is a browser lang setting, that won’t give any match, but a fallback to English probably makes sense).

The real problem
But the real problem is the UX when trying to find english. If there was a dropdown with English as an option, I’d be fine. But instead I’m faced with this: (See uploaded screenshot)

Basically a lot of NL titles, warnings for something and button texts that does not make any sense. I guess choosing language first, which actually changed the text in the whole modal would solve the issue.

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What happens when you choose opslaan (save), will it work for you?

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@Juan.Bianchi could you forward?

@thorandre as the forum is a user forum there isnt much we user can do about this

I can confirm the same being in Germany, however you should see it in the browser and you could just replace /nl to /en


This basically is the language change dialog. But it also asks for the (shipping) country as well, which makes things a little too complicated as it makes it possible to create warnings which wouldn’t exist in a simple language switcher.


Dear all

the language selector doesn’t ask for shipping country, it just asks for a country prompt for some country specific elements

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Thanks, so are you looking into the issue?


Yes, so I’m describing a UX issue which needs improvement, not a bug.

Exactly. So the UX should be improved, starting with the language switcher that shows the languages in their own language (or english) “Noorwegen” is just similar to “Norwegian” by coincidence.

But honestly, we shouldn’t need to solve this here. I can help, but a serious brand like Fairphone shouldn’t have these kinds of UX issues on their primary website. This is a bad first impression for most users in the world.

And if this is just a user forum, where do we report issues to Fairphone…? I do notice that official version updates and so on are posted in this forum.

The forum is hosted by FP and still mainly a user forum. Official contact to the company is always through their customer support. I assume for this issue Juan forwarded it.

Since the entire web page was revamped there are many issues occurring over and over again