Language & input --> Unfortunately, settings has stopped


I can’t access the menu “Language & input” any more since it crashes every time. I want to change the language of my FP2 from English to French but I can’t because of this systematic crash :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your quick answers and/or fix!


You could try to clear the cache/data of the settings app if you can get there without a crash. (Settings > Apps > All > scroll down to and tap “Settings” > clear cache first and if that doesn’t help also clear data (I haven’t tried, but clearing data my reset other settings you made).

I am a Samsung user though I had the same problem. While doing the suggestion to clear Settings cache, it did not work. Going through all apps, I noticed I turned off Text-to-speech, turned it on and it fixed the problem. Therefore, it is not a device malfunction, it’s Android.