Lack of workers after Chinese New Year causes production delays

A friend of mine asked (while waiting for his FP2) if there is a delivery date known. The surprising (or concerning) answer was that several chinese workers didn’t show up after the chinese new year break - resulting in the training of new workers.

I was wondering if there is any information about such behaviour? I mean is that normal, are they in new contracts, or are there better opportunities to earn money?

There is some information in the blog:

After the annual Chinese New Year holiday, it’s common for workers’ professional or personal situation to change, and often there is a slow return of people to their work, in our case – the Fairphone 2 production line. This causes disruption to keeping a reliable production and delivery schedule. For our manufacturing partner Hi-P, the number of returning workers was lower than expected. The turnover after Chinese New Year requires time and effort both to hire new workers and to train them with the expertise to work on the assembly to make the Fairphone 2.

Unfortunately, the training of these new workers has slowed down production more than expected. We are also taking this time while the new workforce is being trained to momentarily halt production for a short period to optimize all quality processes. Keep in mind, the Fairphone 2 is the first modular phone in mass production, and we are always improving the efficiency of the production line to increase quality and reduce production waste.

A standard industry practice to speed up a short-term need, for example our issue of delayed orders, would be to hire temporary workers. But based on our goal to encourage a more stable workforce with our manufacturing partner, as well as new 2016 legal limits in China of the use of temporary/agency workers, we are working with Hi-P to reduce the hiring of temporary workers and find a balance between our production requirements and the workforce requirements.


Oh cool, thanks… I missed that information. :blush:

I changed the title. “Chinese Workers missing” sounded like they were abducted by secret government agencies.