🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Kontakte in Apps nur teilweise sichtbar / Contacts in Apps partially disappeared

Seit einer Stunde, oder so, werden meine Kontakte in diversen Apps teilweise (Messenger, Whatapp, Telefon) nicht mehr angezeigt.
Das interessante dabei ist, dass in der Telefon App immer noch alle Kontakte mit Name und Nummer abgespeichert sind, nur wird der Name beim Anruf (und im Messenger sowie im Reiter Anrufliste auch) nicht angezeigt.

Since one hour, or so, my Contacts partially disappeared in some Apps (Messenger, Whatsapp, (partially) in Phone).
The interesting thing is, in the “Phone” App all Contacts are saved with Name and Number but if I will be called, or in the call log, they wouldn’t be displayed.

Thank you for your help!

All Contacts are saved on Google and they should be synchronized on my Fairphone too.

Another strange thing…
When I tap long on Whatsapp app on home screen, so that some Contacts are suggested, the names are listed too, even “funnier” is, not so with the Messenger App.

Are they in your contacts app?
Are all your Google sync options set up right?

Yes, they are in my contacts app, but there are no more favorites.
I tapped on one of my Contacts, in the Contact App, and realized that they are all from the Telegram Messenger App.
Everything should be synchronized via my Google Account, all “switches” are on.

Ok, it seems as Google has deleted all my Contacts from my Google Account. :open_mouth:
I looked on the PC in my Browser if the Contacts are in the Google Account and there is not a single one left. So at least I know that it is no issue from my Fairphone 2, I think.
But if anyone can help me figure out what to do or how I can get my Contacts back, feel free to reply.

Thanks again. :+1:

Did you ever make a backup or do you have a device where they haven’t been deleted yet (disconnect the device so it doesn’t sync to your empty contacts list)?

No, I only saved my Contacts on Google, didn’t save them anywhere else. I’ve saved only the Numbers.But via Whatsapp, I can try to figure out which Number matches the Names.
But thanks for the Tipp.
So I will try to contact Google if that’s possible at all. :upside_down_face:

It looks as you chances are not too good… But you might have a look at e.g.


@Volker Thank you a lot! :smiley:
In the “old version”, you can reset the Contacts up to 30 days back, even if they were deleted.


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