KolaNut Keyboard issue + unable to re-install Google Apps


I’ve just updated to KoalaNut which has resulted in my phone’s keyboard crashing (Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped. Having read a a couple of other related posts I have located and copied onto my home screen the ‘Install Google apps’ widget. It is unfortunate that most Wi-Fi networks require a working keyboard in order to connect to them (password) but, having spent hours to find an open wifi connection I have a different problem.

When I click on the widget I don’t get the Google Apps installer but instead the Fairphone Update which just reports that my phone is up to date. The phone is currently unusable and I will very likely have to buy something else if I can’t get it to work again within a day or two.

When updating, was there a Pre-Update step or did you update with only one reboot?
If you did the Pre-Update (Updating the Updater App) you should be able to reinstall GAPPS within the App.
If you don’t see it on the first page of the App go to Advanced Mode > App Stores.
Does that work?

I don’t remember doing a pre-update but it did have an advanced button and a choice for App Stores. Unfortunately when I run it now I only get a notification that the OS is up to date. Having said that the Wi-Fi I thought was open does actually want me to type a password through a web page, so I am shafted. Is there anything I can do using my laptop an cable?

I don’t know of such an option.
One thing you could try though is download an alternative keyboard .apk on your computer and move it to your phone via usb.

e.g. AnySoftKeyboard (direct download)

You need adb on your pc and Developer Options on the Phone enabled:

Then you can use

adb shell input "text"

Obviously, replace text with your wifi password. This only enters text in the currently focused input.


I just paste from https://www.kerstner.at/en/2013/11/unfortunately-android-keyboard-aosp-stopped-android/

In case you run into the problem of Android displaying the error “Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped“, thus robbing you the possibility to enter text in any form (short messages, emails, URLs in browser, etc.), simply follow these steps to get rid of it:

  1. Open up the menu
  2. navigate to Settings
  3. open Apps
  4. open option All
  5. find app Android keyboard (AOSP)
  6. choose option Clear data
  7. find app Dictionary Provider
  8. again choose option Clear data

That’s it! The error should be gone.

Maybe afterwards you are able to install the Google-Apps

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