Know a good camera app?

Pictures with the android Camera are not very satisfying. I tried Open Camera, but its not much better. especially focus and pin sharpness (schärfe, hope dictionary delivered correct Translation) is more than poor.
I delete more photos than i keep, sometimes very sad
any good experience with another app?

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Maybe a hardware defect? Or are people moving while shooting the photo? Can you show us an example?

i bought a new cam snd repaced. No hpe its not Hardware. its simply the autofocus with zoom but not only because i also didnt gave sucess to picture documents , camera always makes the Picture when its Not sharp.

There is no zoom, not even a second camera like on FP4 or FP5, so I don’'t really understand, what you mean.
Are you sure, you keep the minimum distance when trying to picture documents?

i bought a new cam and repaced. No hope its not the Hardware. its simply the autofocus . not only with zoom because i also didnt have sucess to picture documents camera always makes the Picture when its Not sharp.

yes its not my first Smartphone, these troubles

are new to me with fairphone

picture made with old Samsung added :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is not a problem with the camera app itself, but probably a wrong setting.

Can you show the whole picture with EXIF data, as with this cropped one, we don’t even know what was in the focus.

You mean you have purchased and installed a new camera module for your Fairphone 3, don’t you? If so, before you changed the camera module, did you have those problems as well?

It seems that English is not your original language. You can find a good automatic translator at, in case it helps.

i bought the 3+camera module because I had these problems with focus of my FP3 before, hoped that will improve
thanks for the hint with deepl, do you have also s recommandation for a camera app;-)?

It’s not a problem with the app. Please provide a picture directly from the phone.

The camera in the FP3 is not great, but should do a lot better than your image. It certainly looks like a hardware problem. Regarding apps, I suggest trying Adobe’s Lightroom mobile app, which allows you to manage various camera settings rather than relying on auto. Make sure you are using a fast enough shutter speed to avoid camera movement. Try a subject that is distinct and central. If that is still out of focus, I would try to get the module replaced under warranty.

If you don’t mind installing an app outside of an app store, numerous FP3 users have made good experiences with this:

I for my part installed this one: Nikita: NGCam_8.2.300-v1.8 (download the file from the very first link on that site to your FP3 and install it by double-tapping on it on your FP3).


if you re looking for quality photos, Hedgecam 2 shots in DNG Raw and then you can develop the shots in Snapseed, giving amazing results.

thank you, as i use lightroom for editing my Pictures i will try
keep you informed
br elfi

thsnk you, will try this too!
bR elfi

The problem with Snapseed is that it doesn’t have noise reduction when you develop a RAW.

So, if your file has been shot at high ISO in the dark, there is a lot of color noise in the shadow.

With Lightroom I get better results, since it has color and luminance noise reduction.

Also you can get all the basic RAW editing with the free version. With the premium version you get the mask editing and other advanced stuff.
But since it’s a smartphone I don’t use them and prefer to shoot with a mirrorless for “serious” photo.

Give it a try and compare the result with Snapseed.

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Thanks, I have been meaning to install something like this but hadn’t looked up how to do it, this was easy! :blush: Finally, better pictures!!

You could also try other cam ports fro the very same site: I prefer the BSG builds as the colors for me are more natural. In terms of UI this one here is much better IMO: Shamim: SGCAM_9.1.098.24_STABLE_V3
However it does not take pictures with full !"MP on the FP4
That’s why I use the latest 8.9 version from BSG, see BSG: MGC_8.9.097_A11_V14

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