Kitkat email doesn't synchronise properly

After updating to Android 4.4 synchronising my agenda doesn’t work properly anymore. Only when I receive a new email, the older are deleted automaticly (although they were removed from the server earlier). In Android 4.2 when I synchronised the app they where removed from my phone immediately after they were removed from the server.

Agenda means calendar, right? Are you synchronizing with Google? Try to delete your Google account and add it again.

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Excuse me, I mean ‘email’. Its about the basic emailapp on the phone. And it happens with all three of my accounts.

  1. What are your email providers?
  2. IMAP or POP3?
  3. Have you checked the synchronization settings?
  4. Does it happen on 3G, WiFi or both?
  1. My providers are (POP3), (POP3) and (IMAP).

  2. It happens on POP3, not on IMAP.

  3. I checked synchronization settings, the are correct and the same as I had in Android 4.2, namely: Email verwijderen van server: nooit (never delete). In that case in Android 4.2 they were deleted automaticly when I deleted them from the server through Outlook on my computer.

  4. It happens both on 3G and WiFi

What you are describing is simply the difference between POP3 and IMAP. Set up all accounts as IMAP and everything should work as expected. :slight_smile:

Yes, it does! Thank you.

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