Keyboard still visible after locking the screen

Hello Fairphoners,

I encounter the following strange behavior on my phone (Standard AOSP keyboard, hiLocker Lockscreen):

Whenever the keyboard is active in an app (for example I write a message in WhatsApp) and I directly hit the power button to lock the screen without “closing” the keyboard it will still be visible on my lockscreen (unfortunately I can’t provide a screenshot since the display is locked :confounded:).

I can hit keys on the keyboard but without any consequence inside the previously active app (so luckily it’s not an security issue). The keyboard can not be drawn down in locked state but I can unlock the screen with my usual unlock pattern (though I think unlocking it with a PIN might be tricky).

I’m not sure if this a FP2 problem or rather a bug in hiLocker. Anyone else got this issue?

Kind regards,

Did you try with the default lockscreen?
I only have the default lockscreen and cannot reproduce the issue. I’d suggest to try another locksrceen, so you should know if it is connected to the one you currently use.

shame on me - this was so obvious :blush: Sometimes my brain seems to be on vacation… I tried the default lockscreen and indeed the problem is solved.

Still the question remains: is it a “pure” hiLocker problem or a combination of hiLocker with FP2? I will see what google tells me about it…