Keyboard malfunctioning

My keyboard is not properly functioning with several letters. For instance, when the phone is in the vertical (portrait) position, typing a gives z, z -> ae, s -> qd or sd or ds, p->o, m->l. In the horizontal (landscape) position, I can’t have access to space bar, “.” and “,”.
Of course in using the two different positions and the autocorrect, I can more or less write what I want, but this is not easy. And above all, that is not normal!
I have a FP2 under Android 5.1

Could this be this issue:

Thank you for the painting trick! There is clearly a problem with my touchscreen: when I
draw a line, it suddenly stops in some spaces of the screen.
What should I do then? Send back my FP?

Check this support article, it may help you.

But in short: if the problem persists, yes, you may need to contact support.

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