Keyboard has stopped, and the Google apps widget is gone

I updated my phone to Kola Nut 1.8 and since then I can’t use the keyboard, it just says that android keyboard has stopped working all the time. I saw others had the same problem and they could fix it by using Google Apps, but it is gone and so is the Google Apps launcher from the widgets. What do I do?

Can you please confirm that you are on version 1.8 by opening your Fairphone Updater App (even when the update seemd to have succeeded).

At least to stop the error message for now please do the following:

  • Go to System settings -> Language & input -> Tap on Default -> Choose one of the English keyboards

There usually are more then one option in here so keep trying different ones (out of experience I know one of the English keyboards must work without having GAPPS)

Thank you for your tips Robin! I checked and it appears that though I chose to update when my phone said so it hadn’t, or not updated the right things. I finally managed to update correctly in the Fairphone Updater and then the google apps widget reappeared and the keyboard is back! :smile:

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