KernelSU (alternative root method) for Fairphones

Hey I’m wondering if anybody already used KernelSU to root a fairphone.
My forums-search gave exactly one result Help With Locking Bootloader After Swap from /e/OS to Android 11 - #3 by Furdiburd (maybe @Furdiburd or @hirnsushi know more?) where KernelSU is shortly mentioned.

I do not really plan to switch to KernelSU I’m more like interested how it works.

To start a bit more simplified and explain what I already know:

  • at the end KernelSU replaces, as the name states, the Kernel with a modified one which provides the root capabilites in it (it should have some advantages in regards of the cat and mouse play to hide root - even I personally don’t have that usecase [no banking apps or so on my phone] )
  • the Kernel is part of the boot partition, so on a high level it is not that much different compared to Magisk root → a modified boot.img has to be flashed/installed on one or the other way
  • Installation is described here: Installation | KernelSU

So far what I know. ^^ Can anybody who already did it share a bit more details about the “How?”


Sorry, can’t help you there. I’ve never used KernelSU and none of the additional features seem like worth the effort to me, if anything I would like my root solution to have less features (or get rid of it entirely at some point).
Zygisk plus root detecting apps installed in the work profile has been absolutely solid for me.

Yeah, that’s my impression from reading their documentation as well.


I’ve been intensively trying with LineageOS for microG kernel. Compiled the kernel (the identical git hash, idnetical .config) successfully, repacked the boot.img. The kernel boots. However, whatever I do, wifi, sound and calls (and possibly something else as well) don’t work. I’d be grateful for any good advice. :slight_smile: