Kernel hackers: upstream kernel for FP2 OpenOS?

UART stuff is in this thread: Information about the "debug connector" on the FP2
Source: https://github.com/z3ntu/linux


Updated OP with build instructions and more. Have fun :slight_smile:

Is there any progress with this project? As Linux 3.4 is EOL since April, a more recent Kernel with LTS would be interesting.

I don’t think we would ever use a mainline kernel for running Android just because of the incompatibilities and performance improvements made by Qualcomm.
But for other projects such as postmarketOS a mainline kernel would be great.

And no, I’m not working on it currently because apparently there will be some changes to how eg USB and display gets handled on mainline and without these changes, stuff won’t really work great.

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Doesn’t Google require a way more up to date kennel for oreo? Will this open up the possibility of a more modern kernel?

No, it isn’t a technical requirement but one set by Google and is probably just enforced by the Google CTS. (but yes they “require” a new kernel version for Oreo)

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Let me correct, 3.4.0 alone does not work with Oreo but 3.4 with backported patches works fine on several devices already. (eg “ambient capabilities” is needed with Oreo and other patches probably too)

It’s upstream :tada:


But isn’t this the device tree only? An upstream kernel alone still couldn’t address all of the Fairphone’s hardware as it still contains parts which work with closed source/out-of-tree drivers only, am I right?

And I’ve put build instructions on a repo on GitHub linked in the top post. Also if anyone could update that post (eg section “challenges left include” as it’s outdated a bit. Maybe also mention that some stuff is in torvalds’ repo already :slight_smile: ).


This is super cool!

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What are the advantages of having this upstream apart from the obvious one that no longer the FP2 specific code has to be backported? Did I understand correct that this means Oreo may officially run on the FP2?

Probably not. I alone will probably never get all hardware components of the FP2 working nicely and even if, getting Android to (smoothly) run on it is another challenge afaik.

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Not related to oreo. Oreo can be done with older kernels. I have not started oreo work as N is still not working properly and no other lineage device anyway has oreo nightly builds.

This is nevertheless super cool.



Google “requires” a 3.18 or 4.4+ kernel for Oreo depending on the device for Google Certification so that’s what I guess is meant with “officially”.
But yes, technically Oreo doesn’t need a new kernel version (except a buttload of backports)


No need to hurry :slight_smile: i think we’re perfectly fine with Nougat for some time, which is working great, btw. Switching to a more or less alpha oreo is premature, imho
But still, a more modern kernel will always be welcome…


Will this benefit with Project Treble in the FP3? I mean, will make easier things like upstream the kernel or use freedreno?

Short answer: No.

That’s what I am basically doing for the Fairphone 2.


Nice to know, it sound very promising :smiley:

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