Kernel hackers: upstream kernel for FP2 OpenOS?

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It’s upstream :tada:


But isn’t this the device tree only? An upstream kernel alone still couldn’t address all of the Fairphone’s hardware as it still contains parts which work with closed source/out-of-tree drivers only, am I right?

And I’ve put build instructions on a repo on GitHub linked in the top post. Also if anyone could update that post (eg section “challenges left include” as it’s outdated a bit. Maybe also mention that some stuff is in torvalds’ repo already :slight_smile: ).


This is super cool!

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What are the advantages of having this upstream apart from the obvious one that no longer the FP2 specific code has to be backported? Did I understand correct that this means Oreo may officially run on the FP2?

Probably not. I alone will probably never get all hardware components of the FP2 working nicely and even if, getting Android to (smoothly) run on it is another challenge afaik.

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Not related to oreo. Oreo can be done with older kernels. I have not started oreo work as N is still not working properly and no other lineage device anyway has oreo nightly builds.

This is nevertheless super cool.



Google “requires” a 3.18 or 4.4+ kernel for Oreo depending on the device for Google Certification so that’s what I guess is meant with “officially”.
But yes, technically Oreo doesn’t need a new kernel version (except a buttload of backports)


No need to hurry :slight_smile: i think we’re perfectly fine with Nougat for some time, which is working great, btw. Switching to a more or less alpha oreo is premature, imho
But still, a more modern kernel will always be welcome…


Will this benefit with Project Treble in the FP3? I mean, will make easier things like upstream the kernel or use freedreno?

Short answer: No.

That’s what I am basically doing for the Fairphone 2.


Nice to know, it sound very promising :smiley:

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