Keep Club - Silver Tier Level does not respect free shipping


unfortunately I’ve contacted the support more than a month ago and the following problem has not been solved. At some point the support has not responded anymore to my mails whats very frustrating.

I’m writing here because I would like to understand if this is a special problem that only affects me or if everyone is in this situation:

I’m member of the Keep Club and have achieved the silver tier level. In this tier the “benefits” should be the following:

  • Unlock new challenges
  • Free shipping on all purchases
  • Your purchases for longevity are worth more 1€ = 1.25 points

As I need a USB-C to mini audio jack adapter and a screwdriver I added these two products to the shopping cart and tried to use a 10€ discount from Keep Club. The discount is accepted, but afterwards the shipping costs are added to my order. So for me “Free shipping on all purchases” isn’t working.

Does anyone was able to get a free shipping when placing an order?

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@anna_jopp could you please help to get this working properly?

Same here, shipping is not free in my case, either. I am also n Silver level

Hi @miky and @Lars_Hennig , I am sorry that you are experiencing this - that’s an annoying bug indeed. I have just checked with my colleagues and they confirmed they are already aware of the issue and are working on a solution. If you send me your ticket / case number in a private message, I can look into why you have not received a response by our customer support yet.


Hi @anna_jopp
I just opened my ticket today, so I did not expect an answer yet. The ID is 1124030

Anyway, I would like to place my order if the shipping would be free

Hello @anna_jopp, thanks for your reply.
I don’t know how to send you a private message as the button seams to miss on your profile page (or I don’t understand how to send private messages…).

For complete transparency: i opened my ticket over a month ago and got an answer but afterwards I got no more response (last mail from Support was 31. January).

As I also don’t want to order before this problem is solved I would like to ask you if you have an idea when this gets solved?

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I changed your trust level, so you should be able to send a PM now. As new user thats not possible.


Would like to leave an updated here: Anna and the support helped me and now I directly saw that when placing the order the silver & gold tier levels get free shipping. So the problem seams to be solved :slight_smile:


In case anyone wonders: Loyalty tier Free Shipping seems to be independent of the choice between “Pickup” or (Home) “Delivery”. :slight_smile: (Just tested, see below)

image image


Yes it seems to be solved, indeed. However you need to clear your shopping cart completely, before.

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Still doesn’t seem to work for me. It doesn’t automatically add free shipping. Could it be Finland as non-standard delivery location? I have higher delivery fees at least. Seems I have to contact support once again, though.

You are logged in with your Fairphone (shop) account, right?

I am, and it shows I can apply the 10 € discount from the Keep Club points, but doesn’t give me the free shipping. By the way, has anyone tried if you can apply multiple of those 10 € discounts per order?

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If you have more points you can apply a higher discount - I had the option to choose 10, 20, 30 € discounts.

That’s odd, because I didn’t have an option for bigger discounts than 10 € (I have more than 300 points). Maybe they only apply for bigger purchases? I tried to only buy the 30 W charger.

Hello @CyclingEngineer, you should have an option to also select 250 points discount, could you please send a screenshot to review? :slight_smile:

We have fixed the free shipping this week, and now it should works, could you try logging out and logging back in? In case it still doesn’t work I will take a look at the issue


Thanks @Juan.Bianchi, the 250 point milestone explains, why I couldn’t find the discount. The charger only costs 24,95 €, so it doesn’t give me an option to apply a 25 € discount. When I added another product to the cart, I was able to add the 25 € discount, then removed the second product and the 25 € discount remained, so it now kind of works.

I still couldn’t get rid of the shipping fees, though. I’ll send you a private message in case you’ll want to take a look at the ticket I have ongoing in support.