Just factory reset my FP3 . . . and realised how tied into Google Android is

I just factory reset my FP3 . . . and realised (UK spelling)!
How tied into Google Android is and how Google must fear the rise of an open operating system for phones . . . When the “choose” your home screen / browser search engine app reappeared on my phone . Lets not get into why the app that lets you choose your search engine don’t work, that’s obvious i think!
How hard must they be working against a FOSS option for phones and surly “don’t call me Shirley” :wink: that must be against some sort of monopolies legislation?

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It’s obvious that it is probably intended to work from March 2020 on? I’m impressed with your clairvoyance :wink: .

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Actually it does not take too much effort for Google. Just making it a lot of effort to use an alternative is enough to keep the masses locked into its services. People are lazy and usually don’t care too much as long as it is convenient. To be fair though, most people have other important things to focus their attention to.

So you have to live with the “very annoying” drop down till then or disable the app, which invalidates the app and it’s purpose when it starts too work.
I wish I could get away with this sort of thing in real life…

Here is some background about what is going on:


Great link! Thanks @teezeh :slight_smile:

I reluctantly changed my old Firefox OS phone for an FP3 because that opensource phone operating system was obsolete and no longer getting updates so few to no apps worked. I knew Google would annoy me no end (and it does) but what were the options? Apple with its slave labour or microsoft - all as bad.

Android is the right choice in that sense, because at least it offers ways to let Google annoy you less, see this topic for a start …

… and feel free to explore more hardcore stuff like Custom ROMs in this forum if you want to.

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Don’t know if this is interesting for you all but I though I’d share this nonetheless:

It’s a rather old article, updated in 2018, and still relevant today. Actually quite worrisome but judge for yourself :slight_smile:

Strange, no mention of Ecosia, a German search engine, I use, that is a charity.

The article reproduces part of Kroll’s statement on the reason Ecosia did not participate in the auction, so they definitely got a mention!

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Sorry, I obviously did not read the article properly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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