Japan - how to use my fp 2

I will go to Japan for about a month how can i use my fp 2 there? Should be possible by utms technology. Any experiences?

Here’s a nice database for a start …



There are hardly any reports of FP2 phones in Japan on the forum. However for the FP1, you can find some experiences in this topic, which indicates that dual SIM is not working because there are no supported 2G networks.

Fine, thats a beginning. I already know i can’t be shure it will work…

Best Claudia

This spring, I’ve been in Japan with my FP2. For mobile data, I bought a prepaid “Japan Travel SIM, powered by IlJmio” with 2GB in one of the BicCamera departement stores.
It worked just fine, only with 3G, but the coverage was good in the cities. In rural areas there was sometimes no or bad coverage, but this happens in Germany as well.

Setup and registration was not complicated, thanks to the English instructions.

Keep in mind, that in Japan foreigners can’t buy SIM cards with a phone function, only data is allowed. And since there is no 2G network, you can’t make or receive any calls while you use the Japanese SIM.

Well, I just told everybody to write or to call me via Whatsapp or Skype…

If you need to be reachable by phone, I would suggest that you use a mobile WiFi router. You can rent it in Japan, but I think it’s cheaper if you buy (a used) one und use it with a prepaid SIM.


Thank you very much for the detailed information!

Claudia Risch

so did you have some problem to charge your fairphone 2 in japan.
if you plug it to an adaptator did it charge correctly?

Micro-USB is a standard which exists anywhere in the world. Most of those adapters can handle any common AC voltage/frequency, so you can just use a converter plug in countries with different sockets, or get a local phone charger for Android phones.


thank you very much :slight_smile:

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