Japan dual SIM cards

I am in Japan. I can have only one sim card with 3G at a given time in the settings. As a consequence, I have only one SIM card working and I should switch between the two.

Is there a possible solution to have both sim cards working at the same time in Japan ?

Maybe @haru can help you with this? He/she is also in Japan, currently.

I’d say it’s possible to have both SIM active if you restrain data to only one of them…
I think the question already was raised here and may be a general issue (‘only one 3/4G active’)
This should leave you receive and place calls and SMS with one card, and connect internet with the second one…

Hi, I have just posted the same here, so just for the record. Japan doesn’t have a 2G network (at least regarding Softbank and NTT Docomo, but with a foreign SIM card these are the only ones you can use), and thus it is not possible to use 2 SIMs at the same time, as only one SIM can be assigned 3G connectivity.

More info on Japanese mobile coverage and SIM cards, here: http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Japan


Oh @Barth by the way, are you using a Japanese SIM card? If so, which one?