January 17th sale is over. Next batch comes in March

Same here. Ordering while logged out did work.


maybe I am just blind but I cant find this info on Twitter could someone who owns an account just comment this post:

Think there are still some desperate people out there…

That info seems to be missing on twitter.
I would suggest to post it there as well. :wink:

We’re almost sold out again… and so far people have not been raising this issue anymore, so I just tell it when people ask directly about this issue.


Congrats. What a success.


How large is this batch?

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and we are sold out…

The phones were snapped up a lot quicker than we expected and we’re very sorry if you missed the sale. On the Fairphone 2 website you can see which of our reseller partners in your country has the phone available.

There are people who only receive their notification email by now. We sent the emails in batches over a couple of hours for technical reasons - starting with people who had been signed up the longest - and the phones sold out faster than we expected. So some of you were notified when the phones were already sold out.

The good news is it is still possible to get a Fairphone 2 via our partners. You can find out where on our website…

New ones coming in March!


This is so disappointing. Living in NZ and without a clear indication of what time you would release, I missed it. :sob::sob:

None of your partners ship to NZ, and I’ve waited without a phone for 3 months now. I can’t wait another 3 months to take a chance on the the March release. I thought we would have gotten an email to give an exact time, or notify the release?

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Have you asked Vireo yet?


Since when do Fairphone themselves ship outside of Europe?
(I just now put something else in the cart and had a look and, ok, Cyprus might be worth a discussion geographically :slight_smile: , but it’s in the EU.)


I went to buy one a few months ago and was told to go on the waitlist and order form the website.

Hi! Will give Vireo a shot thankyou…

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If you have trouble making sense of the German, feel free to contact them at kundenservice@vireo.de, they are happy to communicate in English that way.


Or you might try the online shop in Finland:

They at least have a list of worldwide countries including New Zealand to select from to locate customers. Unfortunately I did not find any information regarding shipping costs and destinations.
Maybe just try to place an order with them.


Also make sure the FP2 does actually work in New Zealand before you order one.


ha yessss it’s very nervewracking to place an order without understanding what’s going on.

Thanks I’ve emailed them.

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Yes have checked and it does, thankyou you’re very helpful!

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You used to have this kind of information, asked previously by Gerry: “how big was this batch?” It has barely lasted a few hours… really, how big was this batch?

After two failed attempts on the fairphone online shop, I finally ordered it at Vireo.de. Thanks @urs_lesse for the suggestion!



At all:

For online-resellers of the FP2 please take a look at this list:

Many of them ship to foreign countries (at least EU-wide).
The store locator already has been linked by @Ingo and @Douwe above.

Just in case Vireo should be sold out if everyone orders there. :wink:

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