Jack socket has gotten wonky. Can hear sound only when half way plugged in

I wonder If there is any way to repair/replace the jack socket.

Unfortunately lately I can hear sound only if I plug the headphone in only half way. (And if I do so it only works while holding it entirely still. Every little shake takes away the sound.) If I plug it in completely there is no sound at all. I tried three different (on other devices working) headphones. All led to the same result.

Therefore I assume the jack socket has an issue. So far I couldn’t find any reference to it in the do it yourself section.

It sounds like it might be broken and it’s not something that is probably easily repairable on it’s own as it’s attached to the main motherboard (one of the expensive parts to buy!).

You could contact Fairphone directly to see whether they can repair on warranty otherwise you’ll need to buy a replacement motherboard.

The other thing you could try at your own risk would be a DIY repair job. If you follow the link here you can see someone repairing their USB socket. Might give some clues how to go about doing a DIY repair if that’s what you wanted to do.


Thank you for your advice, Chris_R.

“it’s not something that is probably easily repairable on it’s own as it’s attached to the main motherboard”

I had this impression as well, but wanted to ask before I bother the staff. I’m not familar with repairing electronics. Therefore letting it do by professionals might be a better idea.


Well, I never got around to try my luck with repairing the broken jack socket. But now the battery is basically dead. Even fully charged it lasts only a few minutes before I am asked to recharge it again. Unfortunately I suspect this is connected to one drop accident where the cover of the battery did got bended. I was able to bend it back in a way that it holds on the phone again, but it doesn’t close properly any more.

In addition there have always been issues with loading video files on the BBC app. It takes a very long time to load videos and often the playback starts unpredictably when the phone has been in standby for ages (like an hour). This obviously is annoying when you do something else already and the phone suddenly starts to play the video.

But the worst part right now of course is the battery.

Do you think it is still sensible to send the phone in for swapping everything broken (battery, back lid, motherboard - because of the brocken jack)?

:warning: You might have a bloated battery! Checkout the #batteryguide .

Regarding the headphone jack: I believe that can be soldered back in. You won’t get hold of a new motherboard, they are sold out, unfortunately…


Thanks, you are right: The battery actually is bloated. I already contacted the support.

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