It's 2 fairphone3+, turned off and won't start

I have a first fairphone 3+ plus which is 2 years and 1 month old and suddenly died around 15 days ago. No possibility to start it, no charging diode. And I bought a refurbished fairphone 3+ last December which also suddenly died. The only difference is that the red diode flashes in charge. What can I do?

hi and welcome, the refurbed one should have warrenty!? Red Flashing LED normally means the battery is completely empty, so did you try to charge at least 30 Min or even hours without trying to turn on? Did you try different cable and charger?

For the other one


Il à chargé toute la journée. J’ai testé avec une autre batterie mais je ne sais pas son niveau de charge. Je vais le laisser chargé la nuit

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After several weeks of discussions with the fairphone service and sent it for repair: the 2 fairphones have the motherboard which is dead. The one under warranty came back with a new motherboard but a new problem arose: the screen turned gray to pixel colors. So I’m going to send it back for repair.
My question is: is the fairphone really durable??

Did you check the Frame/screen is properly in place? Maybe they “just” did not properly put it together… Else yes I guess there are suffient working devices out there running smoothly foe 3.5 years now


It might be a defective Power Mangament IC on the mainboard.

Please see this post: Fairphone 3+ is dead, will not turn on - #7 by sarofel

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