It seems Android 7 closes apps itself

Since my FP2 was updated to Android 7 it looks like apps are not shown activa after X time.
When I open the “active apps” in the morning the list is almost empty. While I’m sure more apps where active when I was last using the phone.
The strange thing is; for some reason it seems the apps are not in the list of active apps but are somehow active.
F.i. I have an app for our heating which turns the heating down based on my presence at home.
The app is not in the active app list so needs to be started but the app did notice me moving and lowered the thermostat…

Are apps moved out of the list while still semi active or so?

Yep, that’s the general operation of Android.
Not seeing an app in the list of active apps does not mean that there is no app active in the background. Often it’s only the graphical user interface being closed with the X button. Starting an app may just launch the GUI again, but background services/processes maybe remained active. This is app dependent.
According to the headline - yes, Android may close apps if it e.g. runs out of ram. Some users here reported of this behaviour when browsing while having several tabs open.


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