It may sadly be time to say goodby FP3+

I bought a 3+ in February this year, and it is just lacking in performance. Even side by side with a Pixel 2 from 2018, it is slow. Camera is not as good and fingerprint sensor is temperamental. The dual sim capability was ditched after a few weeks as it seemed to randomly switch between the SIM cards for no apparent reason, which was very annoying.

I use my phone for work (I am CTO for a global software company) and would describe myself as a power user.

I am hoping FP have some good news about potential changes with FP4, and whether FP3/3+ users will get a main board module they can fit to the new spec as well, so its not just a throw away phone like the other manufacturers. This would seem a missed oppoertunity and just silly.

Price point is always a consideration when adding memory/processor/cameras, but perhaps a ‘pro’ model, or pro main module upgrade could work?

Great ethos and goals for the company, but the phones need to be available with more va-va-voom!

I have emailed FP with these issues / concerns, and I hope there is a resolution.


Hey there,

yes! I bought my FP3 nearly 2 years ago and i couldn’t see a reason to buy another one. I like that the people are paid well and fair but that it! I couldn’t see the positiv effekt for the enviroomente especially if they stop selling the fp3 after 2 years.

All the time i was fighting against the problems and all for the aspects for a better world and than this… I thougt i could use my FP3 for many years and could change the base and other parts… FP has failed. So RIP FP and good luck for the future!

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They only stop selling the FP3, the successor FP3+ is still on sale (when the stock is filled again).

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That’s exactly what you can do! There will be software updates and spare parts at least until 2024.

I would not bet on it…


Of course, but why couldnt i buy a new “mainboard” with more Power? I can buy spareparts for a lot of smartphones on the market which are not longer produced…

If you can do the repair by yourself, that certainly is good for you and the environment. The thing is that many users cannot, and especially display repairs cost a lot, so people rather buy a new device than spend extra money for an old one…

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Well the years are telling but you may have a few more FP3 year ahead. And irrespective of your expectations of Fairphopne and their failure to live upto your expectations, you have not failed.

You tried and you made a difference to the way you treat the world around you, keep doing that, the phone is/was just a token, a badge, a reminder of what you want…

Forget about the apparent failings of others and look at yourself and see what you can do, you will not ultimately fail in what you do but just change the focus of your intelligence and the direction you travel.

The phone is just a toy along the road.

Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:


Because the “mainboard” costs more than the rest of the phone and leaves a major part unusable, after the replacement. Whereas buying a new phone leaves a working phone, which can still be used. And if the screen, connections, wireless capabilities stay the same, because all modules are still the same, most of the people would complain about the phone not being up to date, in spite of changing a very expansive part.


It would be a toy if it was not necessary to have a working phone, e.g. to save lives…

Hopefully this is one of your jokes, saving consumers so they can consume, especially those that invest in technology. I can feel a song coming on.

… a working phone to call for help in case of emergency…

I imagine you are younger than I. When I was young in the 50s/60s there were no phones where I dwelt. If I wanted to contact someone I wrote a letter.

Emergencies where dealt with at hand. Of course this was the age of the motor car and they were used to rush people from place to place, with messages, OH! the telegram. If it was urgent.

My idea of an emergency is not one that a mobile phone plays a part in. Convenient for the user at that moment maybe, but more a toy, a photo album, a music player, a banking app.

For an emergency smoke signals and semaphore still works, but no ones keeping a look out or listening. Entertainment has taken over from sustainability or stability and reliability as it was called.

Phones are never going to be much more than a disposable toy.


Ah. And the fact that many lives were saved by locating a phone’s position, that is just a “toy” for you? Well, if you are in trouble one day, make sure that you have your “toy” with you. A close friend of mine, probably at your age, fell on the floor at home headfirst, he was badly injured. Luckily he had his mobile phone with him to call his neighbor, who had a key to open the door, help him up, and drive him to the hospital.

To be able to communicate can save lives, be it by mobile or landline. Enough car accidents happen on the road, and if there is someone badly injured, every second counts. Should someone have to run to the next faraway village first, the injured person might already be dead before the paramedics arrive…


I get where you are but I’m alone in some 7 or 8 acres of often where there’s no network, or wifi, or I’m up a tree with another toy, a chainsaw.

I’m not afraid of dying, wasn’t when I was 16. No one really wants to suffer but that’s what enables me to see what consumerism is, toys for 78 years that are add-ons to the body.

More toys more carelessness, as they too require attention for their short ‘life’ span.

Saving lives is the external game of consumers to maintain their comfort when it suits and kill when it suits and no doubt the phone is used to help facilitate both, but not essential.

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Glad it’s not just me with fingerprint sensor problems. Easily wasted 10x more time trying to use it and failing than I would have spent just using a 4 digit password.

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If you have a fingerprint sensor problem, hopefully you have read the topics about that.

If you have had a problem for long or since purchase you could contact Fairphone

haven’t yet sorry, i only got linked to this topic in an email digest

Ha! there are solutions people have discovered/developed.


One may hope that updates and spare parts will be available for a longer time.