It is possible to connect a Playstation 3 controller to the Fairphone 3?

Hello to all Farifone fans,

First of all, I have to say that I have had the phone for 1 year now and apart from a module connector that recently came loose, there were no problems

Now to my question.
I already realize that it’s just a gimmick. I still have an old PS3 controller at home. and I often play from the cell phone, but the touchscrean is too unstressed for me.

Is Ther Someone who nows if the FP3 can detect the controller.
Or is he not supported from the start, maybe rooting also helps. Which connection it would be all the same to me, just as USB or bluetooth would be OK.

I tried it with the controller a month ago via usb and bluetooth but nothing worked.

I even tried this APP and it was even shown to me that the controller is connected. But no game responded to it.

Sixaxis Compatibility Checker

Greetings from Germany
Sven Ulrich

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