🇮🇹 🇬🇧 Gestione file e trasferimento pc / Data management and transfer to pc

Non trovo come gestire i file da pc l’equivalente di “gestione risorse” diciamo.

Inoltre, quando connetto il FP2 al pc e trasferisco i file su pc usando l’interfaccia pc (ho provato sia taglia e incolla, che copia incolla e poi cancella da FP2), non li vedo più sulla cartella del FP2, come se tutto fosse andato bene, ma invece alcuni file restano sul FP2. Li vedo dal telefono e in effetti non sono stati copiati - ma non si vedono nella cartella da pc.
Qualcuno ha lo stesso problema?

I cannot find any file management folder on the phone.

Furthermore, when connecting FP2 to pc and transfer files using the pc interface (I tried both cut paste and copy paste, deleting the files from the first folder afterwards), I don’t see them anymore in the folder, like everything went well, but some of them are still in the FP2 (despite I cannot see them in the folder anymore). When I checked on the phone, they are indeed on the phone and not on the folder copied on the pc.

Does anybody have the same issue?

Grazie in ancitipo!
Thank you in advance!

There is a build in file browser to be found in Settings > Storage > Browse Files (or similar). It’s not very powerful though so I’d recommend downloading a 3rd party app like Amaze.

Do these files have the same extension, were they created by the same app and are they saved at the same locations as other files that you can transfer?

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Hi Paula
Sorry, I read this and forgot to answer (for months).
I think that the organisation of the folders in FP is quite crazy, and on top of the problem above (I still cannot find things that must be there) I cannot find any of the photos I took or images I saved…!! not in DCIM nor in media…
Any suggestion?

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