Issues with launcher after Android 13 update

I’ve had a problem with a black screen after the Android 13 update too. It would still let me unlock the phone and access the quick settings menu though.

And I was able to fix my black screen.

I went into the phone’s settings via the quick settings menu, went to the apps and launched the Play Store from there.
I installed an alternative Android Launcher (XOS Launcher in my case) in the hope to have a workaround until there is a solution found that doesn’t reset the phone.

The Launcher worked, but when I accidentally closed it, I noticed that the phone’s launcher worked again too.

I’m not really knowledgeable with how a smartphone’s OS works, so I can’t tell you exactly how that fixed the bug.

Hope I was able to help someone with the same problem.

Thanks for your report!

Can you tell us if you have used a custom ROM in the past? This problem sounds somewhat different from what other people have been reporting. Specifically, to me it sounds as if only the launcher has some sort of issue…

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I’ve never used a custom ROM nor have I changed anything else about the system/firmware. The only customisation I did was using Wallpaper Engine for live backgrounds.

Created a new topic.

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