Issues sending texts with default "Message" app

Hi !

I received my brand new FP3 a few weeks ago and I immediately encountered an issue.
-> at first there seemed to be a problem with special characters such as à, ç, ê, etc. I just enabled the setting that automatically replaces those characters, and called it a day.
-> however, my texts have been extremely slow to send for a few days now. I didn’t report it because I thought I had issues with my “handcut” NAnosim card. I changed it today but I still have the same issue. I have tried to change de SMSC number following this post , but my operator’s number doesn’t seem to save. When I tap METTRE À JOUR (== refresh) I have the “update error” message, then I enter the number (with national prefix), I tap ACTUALISER (== update) and if I leav the page and come back the number is gone and tapping “update” returns the “update error” again.

Note: I have been a FP2 user for almost 4 years and never had this issue before. It started with my FP3.

Any help would be appreciated. My relatives and close friends still rely much on sms texts (as opposed to FB Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) so I really need to be able to send those.

Thanks in advance

When I refresh that field on my Fairphone 3, I get “update error”, too, but for me SMS work fine.
So SMS working don’t seem to depend on what’s in that field or the SMSC just can’t be set there on the Fairphone 3.

I can’t find another place to set this at the moment, though.

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Hey, thanks for your answer!
Good to have that input. Yeah I tried to find where to change this setting before trying that actually. I couldn’t find another way either.

Depending on the carrier there might actually be a setting in Settings (but with my carrier I don’t get that either) …

Yeah, I’ve tried that already. I find it but when I tap “personnalized SMSC”, I just end up on the advanced settings for text messages, and I don’t find anything about SMSC or “message center number” or anything alike. Thanks anyway for the suggestion :blush: all ideas are welcomed, I might be missing something obvious…

Little update:
So I went back on the *#*#4636#*#* page. Apparently I was mixing up the translations for “refresh” and “update”. So I tried to check again taping the other button first and the right SMSC number appears.
So… The good news is I know where and how to change that setting. The bad news is I have no lead as to why sending sms is so slow on my phone (more than a minute to send one text, even one-word long). I tried to change the default app to FB messenger for sms, and it’s just as slow. My sim card is brand new. And I didn’t have any issues with my FP2, same number, same operator. I really don’t gent it :thinking:

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Brilliant find, I made the same mistake when quickly trying to confirm.
It doesn’t help that in German the two buttons are labelled “Aktualisierung” and “Aktualisieren” … basically the same thing, the first is the noun and the second is the verb for it. :crazy_face:

So, people reading along can learn from our mistake:
If you want to mess with the Testing menu, set your phone to English first.

Mobile network reception is ok?

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Haha it’s even worse in German!
More seriously, yes I have no other mobile/service issue. I can use mobile data and send or receive calls without problem. I’m not sure but I think I also receive sms fine (but I didn’t test it with two phones side by side). And it’s not a network issue, because I’ve had this issue for a week now and I went to serveral places (in my country). The issue seems to be “stable” (ironic, right?)

Edit: I should mention that my sms history is as good as clear since I just changed cards and I didn’t transfer any texts from my previous phone. Just in case someone mentions the cache.

Did you check APN configuration with your carrier? It shouldn’t apply to sms, but if by any chance your sms are considered like mms (because of the French diacritics for example), it could be the source.
Just browse “mms configuration” and the name of your carrier and check.


Hi chrisse,
Thanks for you answer! I hadn’t tried that. I followed my carriers config then checked my settings. I already had a config corresponding to the one described by my carrier. I still tried to create a new one, following their instructions then I restarted my phone.
Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

Bad luck!
What I would try if I where you is to find someone with a FP3 and swap:

  • do you have the same problem with your SIM in their phone?
  • do they have a problem with your phone (this can be done with any friend having any phone, you just need a SIM)?

This would help gathering information to know if the problem comes from the phone or the SIM-card/carrier.

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Great idea ! I will try this with my colleague’s phone as soon as possible.

I’ll come with feedback once it’s done. Thank you

Hi !
So, I tested my card in another FP3, and I still have the same problem. So it doesn’t seem to come from my phone.
I will contact my operator and see if they can help (or I might just change operators).
I don’t know if I should close this issue in case I have interesting feedback.
Thanks to everyone who helped trying to solve this issue !

Follow-up : my provider’s technical services solved the issue (no idea how), so this was definitely not Fairphone related!
This thread can be closed :slight_smile: