Issues after update to Android 12, gps, phonecalls, camera

Hello everyone,

Sinds updating my FP4 to Android 12 I have been in countering a few issues.

  1. Phone calls do not overlay when using other apps, I do hear the ringtone, but the phone interface takes at least 10s or more until is appears, and some time the caller just hangs up.
  2. Gps tracking has a major delay, this is in google maps, and other gps apps. This coordinates do not update smooth.
  3. The camera seems to be slower, to be honest it was not that great before the update, however I get the impression that it is slower now, specially in low light.

I was wondering if anyone else has these issues, and if anyone has some ideas on how to fix them.


Regarding the GPS tracking: make sure that you grant the application the “precise” location permission.

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Thank you for your help and reaction.

The maps app was configured this way, so I didn’t have to change anything.

To be honest, I have currently a love hate relationship with FP4 and not sure if I will continue using it as these issues are having affect on my business.

Thanks again.

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