Issue on start-up

Hi all,
I have an issue when starting up FP2, I only see the back-arrow (triangle) and no longer can see the square (middle icon) or circle (right icon).
I recently updated to the latest firmware/updates.
I did have this problem only on occaision before the update, whereby I would restart the phone and it would normally resolve it, and I would see the ‘normal’ buttons again.
I cannot use the FP2 while it is behaving like this.
Are there any fixes?

Many thanks in advance.

That seems to be the Fairphone Setup Wizard bug. Are you on the main OS user? (Lock the phone, expand the notification bar, touch the rounded icon on the top right corner)

Sorry for my slow response. Yes, I have just checked and I am using the ‘Owner’ account. There is only the Owner and Guest accounts set-up on my phone…

Weird… it should work with the Owner account, :confused:

Are you on FP Open OS, or do you have TWRP recovery installed? You can remove /system/priv-app/FairphoneSetupWizard' from its File Manager, just like @_Chris stated here:

Another non-root possibility may work (untested), but you have to have ADB enabled. Run from a computer terminal adb shell and then:

pm disable com.fairphone.setupwizard

And finally adb reboot.

Thanks. It has been working since I restarted this afternoon, however I’m pretty sure this will happen again. I’ll follow the notes and use TWRP, I’ll need to check how to do that!